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Strategic Programs for Strategic Results
We don't bring what others have used and try to make it fit.  We draw on over 20years of personal experience in the academic, hospital and VA/DoD environments to develop solutions for your unique needs.

Strategic Applications - Not Theory
We won't just tell you what you should do.  We develop specific tools and applications to execute the solutions we present and insure that your goals are met. 

Experience and Expertise

Strategic Leadership Development & Enhancement
One of the most critical factors in any organization is the strength of its leadership.  Using strategic actionable plans, SHR can quickly and objectively assess your teams' individual and collective strengths and developmental needs.  We can then develop actionable plans to strengthen or correct areas in need.

Strategic Opinion Leader & Key Customer Relationships
Through our broad networking experience SHR can provide unique customer specific insights into the specialty academic, hospital, managed care and VA/DoD environments & markets.  Our goal is to enhance your exsisting relationships by becoming a key contact liaison between you, your personel, and your valued clients.

Strategic HealthCare Resources is a member of the Black Mountain Consulting Group We have experts in all stages of a pharmaceutical and biotech company’s growth and development.BMCG Logo

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